The artwork arrives in a paper tube, within a box.
The art itself is wrapped in corrugated cardboard and tissue paper inside a paper tube. Please avoid touching the actual art with your fingers, since fingers leaves fingerprints! The artwork will be slightly bigger than the sizes specified, this to make it easier for you to frame. If you like your artwork cut exactly (if you intend NOT to use a passepartout) please send us an e-mail with your order number and we will cut it exactly at the art edge. 

Serial Number
On the backside of the print is a hologram sticker with an unique serial number. This number will correspond with a signed numbered certificate sent to you separately. 

How to frame your artwork
There are a number of variations of frames available online. Decorative gold frames, black wooden frames or thin contemporary metal frames are just a few examples, it's really up to you how you want to display your art in your home or office!  If you are situated in Sweden, we recommend BGA for frames, they have frames in unusual measurements that fits AYA SWEDEN artwork! 

We do recommend using a passepartout when framing. A passepartout is a thick paper frame cut to fit the artwork. This protects the art from ageing since it is not touching the glass on the top frame. Also it gives your artwork a luxurious finish. Your local printshop, framers or artist shop can usually custom cut a passepartout for you, or you may use different online services for that. 

How to calculate the size
A passepartout can be any size you chose. We recommend a passepartout that is 5 cm wide all around. So for a 50 x 50 cm artwork, you need a passepartout that is 60 x 60 and a frame that is 60 x 60. The passepartout needs to be cut with an inner measurement that equals the artwork. See table below.